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Business Aspects of Innovation Development

Violate Them At Your Own Risk

A Practical System For Turning Strategies Into Actions


Everything You Need To Know To Successfully
Turn A Private Enterprise Into A Publicly Traded Company




How You Can Wage An Effective Publicity Campaign...
Without Going Broke






How To Write Your Own Small Business Partnership Agreement

Quicken Legal Business ProQUICKEN LEGAL BUSINESS Pro 2009
Forms & Contracts
By Nolo / Windows Software/ $69.99

How To Start Your Own Small Business, Keep Your Books,
Pay Your Taxes, And Stay Out Of Trouble

Violate Them At Your Own Risk

* By: Al Ries & Jack Trout
* Publisher: HarperBusiness
* Copyright: 1993
* Quality Paperback, 155 pages, 5 1/2 x 8
* $13.50 Catalog# 6667
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Al Ries and Jack Trout are marketing strategists known world-wide. Their
books have been published in fifteen languages and their consulting work
has taken them into many of the world's largest corporations in North
America, South America and the Far East.

"The first law of marketing is to read and understand this book. It's
powerful in its simple essence and real-world application, and is
marketing distilled to its basic essence. ... A 'must read' for serious
students and seasoned professionals."
--Don Valentine
Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Southwest Airlines Co. ~
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A Practical System For Turning Strategies Into Actions

* By: Jan B. King
* Publisher: Merritt Publishing
* Copyright: 1994
* Quality Paperback, 341 pages, 8 1/2 x 11
* $29.95 Catalog# 0711
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Jan B. King became president and CEO of The Merritt Company in 1990.
Since then, she has nearly doubled revenues and guided the company's
growth into the financial publishing and information services markets.

In today's turbulent business world, the hardest part of managing a
company is implementing plans and projections you've made to bankers,
investors, employees--and yourself.

This book give you detailed tools for accomplishing professional and
corporate goals. It shows you how to develop and communicate an
integrated vision and how to empower people so they can make it real.
Finally, it offers a variety of methods by which you can monitor your
company's progress.

An essential read for any entrepreneur or manger, Business Plans To
Game Plans includes more than 50 worksheets and exercises for making
practical business decisions. These include...

~ Key Indicator Reports: allow you to document and analyze
company performance in quick, easy-to-view format
~ Year-At-A-Glance Income Statement: tabulates a company's
most important financial and cash flow information
~ Budget Notebook: allows you to customize and annotate
traditional budgetary data
~ Inventory Control Report: tracks turnaround and production
so that you can keep backlogs to a minimum
~ New Product Development Checklist: reviews critical steps
and forms the basis for marketing and sales schedules
~ Sales by Product and Marketing Chart: helps you calculate
the most efficient use of marketing dollars

"This book does something important: it takes abstract information and
puts it in language and worksheets that make sense. This gives
everyone--including top mangers--a complete description of how a
company's performing. And there's no better tool for improving
performance than understanding."
--Jack Stack
Author of The Great Game Of Business

This book includes a business reply card that entitles the owner to a
free copy of Business Plans To Game Plans Forms-On-Disk. This 3.5"
computer disk includes templates for the most essential forms and
worksheets in the book. ~
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* By: Preston G. Smith & Donald G. Reinersten
* Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold
* Copyright: 1998, 1991
* Hard Cover, 318 pages, 6 x 9
* $29.95 Catalog# 5483
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Preston G. Smith has worked exclusively for many years helping
manufacturing companies shorten their product development cycles,
initially as a staff consultant and now through his own consulting firm,
New Product Dynamics. Preston holds a PhD in engineering from Stanford
and is a certified management consultant.

Donald G. Reinersten began rapid development techniques in the early
1980's at McKinsey & Co. He draws upon extensive experience as both an
operations manager an a management consultant. He has a BS in Electrical
Engineering from Cornell, an MBA from Harvard, and heads Reinertsen &
Associates, a management consulting firm.

The authors show how companies have dramatically accelerated
development projects, and maintain that the secret lies in specific
management techniques--techniques that have the potential to increase
development speed by two or three fold, and more. Though some companies
already use these techniques, most do not. The typical manager doesn't
even know they exist.

"Provides the most complete step-by-step process for reducing
new-product cycle time and is undoubtedly one of the finest books yet
published on the subject. It should be required reading for any manager
involved in new product development."
--Paul A. Noakes
Vice President and Director-External Quality Programs
Motorola, Inc.

Foreword by Robert H. Waterman, Jr., coauthor of In Search Of
Excellence. ~
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Everything You Need To Know To Successfully Turn A Private Enterprise
Into A Publicly Traded Company

* By: Frederick D. Lipman
* Copyright: 1995
* Quality Paperback
* $20.00 Catalog# 8317
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As the subtitle indicates this book is about how to take a firm
public. Step-by-step info is included along with the complete Small
Corporation Offering Registration Form. ~
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* By: Paul Hawken
* Publisher: Simon & Schuster
* Copyright: 1987
* Quality Paperback, 251 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
* $11.00 Catalog# 1642
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Paul Hawken is founder of Erewhon, the largest distributor of natural
foods and founder/manager of Smith & Hawken, a quality garden tool mail
order house. Hawken has also authored The Next Economy.

Using numerous examples from various "grown" businesses, such as, Ben
& Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream, Patagonia and his own endeavors, Hawken
shows that successful businesses are actually the unique expressions of
individual persons. The usual aspects of starting and running a small
business (evaluating an idea, planning, financing, accounting,
customers, etc.) are discussed--but from a different perspective. The
emphasis is on knowing how and when to follow the "conventional wisdom"
of business practice versus your own "common sense" and other
innovative, effective, and practical methods.

From the first chapter... "Being in business is not about making
money. It is a way to become who you are."

This book was the "companion volume" to the 17-part PBS television
series. Indexed. ~
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* By: Bruce Blechman; Jay Levinson
* Publisher: Houghton- Mifflin
* Copyright: 1991
* Quality Paperback , 352 pages,
* $11.95 Catalog# 2641
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Bruce Blechman and Jay Conrad Levinson are authors of Guerrilla
Marketing and Guerrilla Marketing Attack.

The authors explain a variety of innovative approaches to evaluating
assets, unearthing alternative finance sources, marketing oneself and
one's business. Includes many resources, including addresses and phone
numbers for banks, government sources, partnerships, venture capital,
equipment financing, agricultural financing, private financing, and
more. Now Available in paperback. ~
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* By: Jay Levinson & Seth Godin
* Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
* Copyright: 1994
* Quality Paperback, 394 pages, 8 x 10
* $16.95 Catalog# 0132
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Jay Levinson is the author of the classic international bestseller,
Guerrilla Marketing, as well as several other related books. He was
senior vice president and creative director for J. Walter Thompson
Advertising in the U.S. In Europe he served on the board of directors
and was creative chief at Leo Burnett Advertising. He is publisher of
The Guerrilla Marketing Newsletter and a columnist for magazines,
newspapers and Internet online services.

Seth Godin is the president of Seth Godin Productions. He has written
or edited more than 75 books, including The Information Please Business
Almanac, Business Rules Of Thumb, eMarketing, and The Internet White

Whether your business is huge ($100 million plus) or a one-man shop in
your basement, this handbook contains what you need to get maximum bang
for your buck. The first section offers step-by-step guidance,
checklists, worksheets, and timetables that will set you up with a
focused and effective guerrilla marketing plan--for any budget.

Most of this handbook consists of hundreds of practical cost-effective
ideas and actual examples, along with thousands of useful resources,
contacts, and phone numbers. All are organized by subjects that range
from effective business card design to TV ad campaigns. Use these
guerrilla tactics and strategies to flesh out and transform your plan
into actions. Then your business will become a marketing powerhouse.

A few excerpts...

~ "If you explore the opportunities on cable networks and local
nonaffiliated stations, you'll find that you can buy a minute of TV
advertising for as little a $100. Of course, you won't get nationwide
coverage on Seinfeld, but so what? Test your ads, and soon you'll find
yourself with the right balance of budget, reach, and frequency. ...
Television advertising is perhaps the single best way to persuade
retailers to carry your product."

~ "One local deli placed a stack of circulars in the lobby of our
building. It contained their menu and phone number and advertised in
large letters 'FREE DELIVERY.' We had never heard of the place. Now we
order lunch from them almost daily."

~ "Our Guarantee. Read the Guerrilla Marketing Handbook. Try at least
five of the techniques described herein. If you don't earn back at least
50 times the cost of this book, we will gladly refund your money. Just
send us you receipt along with a list of what your tried and the
materials you used, and we'll send you back every penny you paid for
this book."

What others say....

~ "Just when you thought you'd read every worthwhile marketing book,
Levinson and Godin raise the bar another notch. If we had this book at
Apple when we introduced the Macintosh, IBM might be selling typewriters
--Guy Kawasaki
Author of How To Drive Your Competition Crazy and former Director of
Software Product Management for Apple Computer

~ "The Guerrilla Marketing Handbook is potent weaponry because it
deals in reality, not theory. A fabulous achievement in hard-boiled and
100% useful information."
--Herschell Gordon Lewis
Author of How To Make Your Advertising Twice As Effective At Half The

Includes: illustrations, worksheets, resource lists, index. ~
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How You Can Wage An Effective Publicity Campaign...
Without Going Broke

* By: Michael Levine
* Publisher: HarperBooks
* Copyright: 1993
* Quality Paperback, 255 pages, 5 1/2 x 8
* $10.00 Catalog# 6640
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Michael Levine is a prominent Hollywood business executive. He heads a
major entertainment public relations firm with offices in Los Angeles,
New our, and London.

Every Fortune 500 corporation, movie star, and scandal queen can
attest that a good publicist is essential to building success and
maintaining public support. For the small businessman the entrepreneur,
or the undercapitalized beginner seeking an edge in a highly competitive
arena, here are the resources necessary to mount your own campaign and
get the media exposure you need.

In clear and concise language, Michael Levine reveals the same
procedures he uses every day to get press on major stars--and how they
can be utilized on little or no budget.

Using case histories, tips from his own experiences, and by providing
important weapons in any P.R. arsenal--including the Ten Commandments of
Guerrilla P.R.--Levine shows you how to think like a publicists and map
out a strategy for success. This book is for anyone who needs to engage
the media and wants quick and ingenious methods to bridge the gap
between their message and public. ~
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* By: David E. Gumpert
* Publisher: Inc. Magazine
* Copyright: 1996
* Quality Paperback, 244 pages, 8 1/2 x 11
* $19.95 Catalog# 4235
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David E. Gumpert is an expert on small-business planning, management,
and communications. He was small-business editor of the Harvard Business
Review for seven years, before serving as a senior editor of Inc.
magazine. He is author of How To Really Start Your Own Business and How
To Really Create A Successful Marketing Plan. He coauthored Business
Plans That Win $$$ and is president of David E. Gumpert Communications
Inc., a marketing and PR firm.

Putting together a business plan has always been one of the most
intimidating tasks facing any business owner. No longer. Now you can
complete each part of your plan as you complete each chapter of this
business guidebook.

This comprehensive step-by-step guide, now in its second revised and
updated edition, takes you through the critical business planning issues

~ Company Strategy: What's Your Identity?
~ Marketing Issues: Who Are The Buyers?
~ Product/Service Issues: What Are You Selling?
~ Sales And Promotion Issues: How Do You Sell?
~ Financial Issues: How Are You Doing?

Gumpert also takes you behind the scenes for an exclusive look at the
actual original business plans of...

~ People Express: The business plan Donald Burr used as
the basis for raising $24 million in investment funds.

~ Pizza Hut: The business plan Frank Carney used to turn his
struggling company around so it could resume its fast growth
and eventually be sold to Pepsico for $300 million.

~ Software Publishing: The business plan that enabled Fred
Gibbons to quickly raise $500,000 of venture capital and
become one of the main players in what may be America's
most competitive industry.

~ Celestial Seasonings: The business plan Mo Siegel wrote
to guide the company's meteoric growth, enabling it to be
sold for $25 million.

~ Ben & Jerry's: The business plan Ben Cohen used to raise
more than $750,000 in a public offering.

Some excerpts...

~ "The end of each chapter contains tasks and suggestions for reader
to follow up on the analysis presented. The purpose is to involve
readers and enable them to see progress in formulating their own
business plans. As this happens, the mystery and intimidation of the
process vanish. ... Writing a business plan is part and parcel of
building a successful business. And, as I hope this book demonstrates,
writing a business plan can be just as exciting as growing a company."
--from the Introduction.

~ "In a global economy, competitive advantages are more important that
ever. You never know where new competitors will come from. Only one
thing is certain: they will continually crop up. Part of your job in the
business plan is to make a case for your company to stay a step ahead of
the competition."

~ "Presumably, you tested your product or service at a few prices and
assessed where you began to encounter resistance and where volume could
expect to go up significantly."

What others say...

~ "If only this were available when we bought NATD. It would've saved
a lot of headaches."
--Thomas H Melohn
Former President of North American Tool & Die, Inc. and author of The
New Partnership

~ "Gumpert know's business plans! He has captured the success factors
in the start-up and operating plans of some of America's best-known
companies. This is know-how every entrepreneur will want to have."
--Jeffry A. Timmons
Professor of New Ventures, Harvard Business School ~
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* By: David Gumpert
* Publisher: Inc. Magazine
* Copyright: 1996
* Quality Paperback, 330 pages, 8 1/2 x 11
* $19.95 Catalog# 4251
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David E. Gumpert is an expert on small-business planning, management,
and communications. He was small-business editor of the Harvard Business
Review for seven years, before serving as a senior editor of Inc.
magazine. He is the author of How to Really Start Your Own Business and
How to Really Create A Successful Business Plan. He is coauthor of
Business Pans That Win $$$ and is president of David E. Gumpert
Communications Inc., a marketing and PR firm.

A well-conceived marketing plan can be a detailed stand-alone
document, or it may be a crucial part of your broader business plan.
Either way, it is a key component of business success. With this book
you will learn the practical steps for developing a powerful marketing
plan. For example, you'll learn how to...

~ Target the right market
~ Stay current with the competition
~ Communicate with your market
~ Develop--and execute--your budget
~ Link you marketing plan to your business plan
~ Maximize your marketing efforts

insights and the actual marketing plans from...

~ SMARTFOODS: The finely tuned guerrilla marketing tactics
that Ken Meyers devised to catapult his cheddar cheese popcorn
to the top in the snack-food business.

~ R.W. FROOKIES: Richard Worth's strategic analysis for
positioning cookies as a health food.

~ SYMS: The highly focused advertising program that Marcy and
Sy Syms used to fuel the clothing chains's torrid growth.

~ THE BODY SHOP: The innovative marketing communications system
that Anita Roddick created to keep a chain of cosmetics stores
growing at breakneck speed.

~ MICROFRIDGE: The user-benefit statement that Bob Bennett
developed to unlock and entirely new market.

~ WALL STREET GAMES: The step-by-step market budgeting process
that Tim DeMello used to bring his company's hot investment
contests to market on time and on budget.

~ CAREERTRACK: The unique competitor matrix Jimmy Calano devised
to stay ahead of the pack in the explosive seminar business.

Some excerpts...

~ The marketing essence of a product or service is often something
that in retrospect seems obvious. But pinpointing it requires deep
familiarity with your market as discussed in the previous chapter, and
even deeper thinking about it. Bob Bennett's realization that what
MicroFridge was really selling wasn't an appliance but a way to help
customers increase revenues and profits--for instance, managers of
university dormitories could hold onto students who might otherwise move
out to apartments--was based on his intimate knowledge and study of the
market. It seems simplistic when stated that way but as a mater of
strategy, it is quite sophisticated and has become a driving force in
the company's success."

~ "Unfortunately, the visionaries or creative thinkers of marketing
fame are often unable to cope with the details that make the concepts
succeed. Anita Roddick who is clearly not a detail person, has been very
fortunate to have her husband, Gordon, oversee much of The Body Shop's
marketing implementation."

~ Sample Exercise: "1. Identify two potential partnership
opportunities and candidates that would enable your company to expand
its marketing opportunities."

~ "Having gone through the planning process you gain unique insights,
ideas, and confidence. You know your are dealing with the most important
strategic and implementation issues confronting any company. ... As
noted earlier in this book, marketing is more art than science, and none
of us can ever expect to be perfect. But if your marketing plan enables
you to become a more accomplished artist than you competitors are, then
you will have accomplished a great deal."

What others say...

~ "Excerpts from successful marketing plans make it unique--and
valuable. It will keep many an entrepreneur focused on the marketing
issues that matter most."
--Ruth Wades
Founder and President, Calyx & Corolla, international direct marketer
or fresh flowers

~ "Absorbing and provocative. Most important, it provides the tools,
the schematic, to put a workable plan into action."
--Martin Marshall
Professor Emeritus of Marketing, Harvard Business School ~
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* By: David Gumpert
* Publisher: Inc. Magazine
* Copyright: 1996
* Quality Paperback, 290 pages, 8 1/2 x 11
* $19.95 Catalog# 4138
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David E. Gumpert has served as Small Business Editor of Harvard Business
Review and as a senior editor of Inc. magazine. He is the author of How
To Really Create A Successful Business Plan and How To Really Create A
Successful Marketing Plan. He is coauthor of Business Plans That Win
$$$: Lessons From The MIT Enterprise Forum. He is president of David E.
Gumpert Communications, Inc.

Starting your own business represents one of the biggest risks and the
greatest opportunity of your life. Gumpert provides step-by-step
guidance and real-life advice, including...

~ Where the best new-business ideas really come from
~ Two essential techniques for determining if customers like
your idea.
~ When your business idea is most vulnerable to being ripped off
...and what you can do to protect it
~ The most reliable method for calculating how much money
you'll need to get started
~ The most underrated--and most easily available--sources of
start-up money

This revised and updated edition of How To Really Start Your Own
Business features the advice and insights from the founders of: Crate &
Barrel, David's Cookies, Pizza Hut, Silicon Technology, Celestial
Seasoning, and Espirit Miami. Quotes from these highly successful
business people are found throughout the book on each aspect of starting
a business. Their comments range from how they got the idea for their
business and finding start-up money to business planning and people

Some excerpts from the book...

~ "The most brilliant idea in the world is worthless if you are so
worried about it being taken that you shy away form testing it
appropriately and fully. Even the most brilliant ideas will need to be
altered in important ways before they can be turned into successful
businesses. And the only way to determine how is to do the necessary
market testing, which entails a leap of faith about letting others in on
important aspect of the idea."

~ "I hire employees on gut feeling. ... When I go against my feeling
about someone and I hire under a desperate circumstance--if I say to
myself, this is better that nothing--it never turns out right. You have
to be willing to work through a lack of employees in order to get the
right one, because if you don't get the right one, you are just going to
have to replace that person in another six months." --Christine
Martindale of Esprit Miami

~ "Listening to your customers is a way to make a fortune." --Mo
Seigel of Celestial Seasonings

What other's say about How To Really Start A Business...

~ "Gumpert's how-to-book on starting a business is simply the best. No
would-be entrepreneur should launch a business before reading this
--William d. Bygrave
Professor of Entrepreneurship, Babson College

~ "From concept to managing quick growth, this book is the
step-by-step guide to becoming an accomplished entrepreneur."
--Jimmy Calano, CEO, Career Track

Tables, exercises, index. ~
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* By: Mike McKeever
* Publisher: Nolo Press
* Copyright: 1995-84
* Quality Paperback, 272 pages, 8 1/2 x 11
* $21.95 Catalog# 2844
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Mike McKeever is an entrepreneur with experience in various businesses
of his own, and he's a small business broker, management consultant,
economist, college instructor, and project manager.

A well thought-out business plan can make the difference between
success and failure. Whether you're starting a new business or expanding
an existing one, a sound business plan can help you get the funding you
need and avoid financial pitfalls.

How To Write A Business Plan shows you how to make realistic financial
projections, develop effective marketing strategies and define your
overall business goals, You'll learn how to...

~ Evaluate the profitability of your business idea
~ Estimate operating expenses
~ Prepare cash flow and profit/loss forecast
~ Determine assets, liabilities, and net worth
~ Find potential sources of financing, (specific sources provided)
~ Present your plan to lenders and investors

You don't have to hire a business consultant or take a class to write
a top-rate business plan. You can do it with this book and your own
enthusiasm. Best of all, you'll learn how to plan ahead and make your
mistakes on paper, rather than with your hard earned money.

What others say...

~ "How To Write A Business Plan is a thorough self-help book that will
lead you through the process. Examples and worksheets will help you
present a convincing financial opportunity to banks and investors in a
format they understand."
--Home Office Computing

~ "Anyone who starts or operates a small business without a business
plan take a needless risk of either failure or no growth. Here's an easy
to follow book that takes the reader step-by-step ... to get the budding
entrepreneur off to a successful business start-up."
--San Francisco Examiner

Fill-in-the-blank financial forms and sample business plans are
included. As with other Nolo Press books, an owner's registration card
is included. Send it in to receive a free 2-year subscription (or
extension) to the quarterly Nolo News newsletter/catalog. ~
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* By: Bruce Williams with Warren Sloat
* Publisher: Scarborough House
* Copyright: 1991
* Hard Cover, 275 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
* $19.95 Catalog# 0119
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Bruce Williams is best know as the host of a popular national radio
call-in talk-show on business and other financial issues. He also has a
syndicated column, "Smart Money," appearing in 600 newspapers across the
nation. He has a broad background in business, having founded and owned
several. Williams' ventures include a private school, an insurance
agency, car rental businesses, and a wholesale and retail flower shop.
He served in local government for eight years, as a planning board
member, deputy mayor, and mayor. He is also a speaker and national
spokesperson for many businesses throughout the country.

Warren Sloat, who helped Mr. Williams put this book together, is a
full time professional writer. He authored 1929: America Before The

Starting and running a small business is a high-risk venture, but it's
what millions of people want to do, and there are definite guidelines to
tell you whether you can succeed. Williams explains the skills and
attitudes required of a small businessman or businesswoman, gets into
the nitty-gritty of start-up money and expansion capital, tells you what
sort of help you can expect from bankers, lawyers, accountants, family,
and friends--and what sort of help you have no right to expect. He
details the practical operations of a fledgling enterprise, everything
from record keeping marketing and growth.

Bruce Williams thinks running your own show is the most exciting way
to live, and his energy and candor are infectious and delightful. If
you'd like to start and/or run your own small business, and make it
prosper, In Business For Yourself is a field manual that will tell you
how to do it, or even if you ought to try. ~
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How To Write A Partnership Agreement

* By: Dennis Clifford & Ralph Warner
* Publisher: Nolo Press
* Copyright: 1997
* Quality Paperback w/floppy disk, 304 pages, 8 1/2 x 11
* $34.95 Catalog# 1410
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All clauses and instructions to form your own legal partnership
are on the disk and as tear-out forms in the book.

Dennis Clifford is an attorney and partner in a law firm. Ralph Warner
is an attorney and a leader in the self-help law movement through books,
lectures and workshops. Warner is co-founder of Nolo Press--the leading
publisher of self-help legal guides.

Many people dream of going into business with friends or colleagues.
The Partnership Book shows how to turn that dream into a sound
partnership agreement. The authors offer much advice, real life examples
and specific instructions concerning the various forms and styles of
partnerships (including "limited partnerships"). They show how to write
detailed custom agreements for any partnership situation and provide
many sample agreements and specific clauses for key and special

Some of the topics covered in the book are....

~ Partners' contributions of cash, property and services
~ Financial and tax liability
~ Valuation of partner assets
~ Management
~ Buy-outs
~ Disputes, mediation
~ Expanding your partnership

"...awesome detail... a blockbuster paperback that tells you almost
more than you ought to know about getting into--and out
--Washington Post Book World

"The Partnership Book is intended to eliminate the need for an
attorney; the authors provided detailed advice (and plenty of sample
forms, worksheets and agreements) on everything from getting a business
started to kicking out an unwanted partner later.
--Los Angeles Times

An owner's registration card is included with the book. Send it in to
receive a free (in U.S.) two-year subscription (or extension) to the
Nolo News. This quarterly newspaper/catalog from Nolo Press contains
interesting and relevant articles, reviews, updates, and practical
information regarding many everyday legal matters and issues covered in
Nolo's books. ~
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Quicken Legal Business ProQUICKEN LEGAL BUSINESS Pro 2009
Forms & Contracts
By Nolo / Windows Software/ $69.99


How To Start Your Own Small Business, Keep Your Books,
Pay Your Taxes, And Stay Out Of Trouble

* By: Bernard Kamoroff
* Publisher: Bell Springs
* Copyright: 1999, 94, 89
* Quality Paperback, 189 pages, 8 1/2 11
* $16.95 Catalog# 0151
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Bernard Kamoroff is a financial advisor and tax accountant to small

This very practical step-by-step manual is written in a clear
user-friendly style. If you're just considering, or are in the process
of starting your own business, this guidebook will answer your questions
and show you how to keep things organized. Includes all the ledgers and
worksheets you'll need for the first year's record keeping.

"This book is extremely refreshing guide to stating and operating your
own small business."
--National Society of Public Accountants

"Everything you need to know for opening day but don't know enough to
ask. This best seller aims to keep a small business informed of its
needs and 'out of trouble'. It succeeds. Particularly good on the basics
of getting started."
--American Library Association ~

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