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The three common patent application types
and which version of PatentEase to use...

Utility Patent Applications
(use PatentEase Deluxe)

PatentEase Deluxe softwareA utility patent is the usual type of patent and covers the unique functionality of an invention. It requires a detailed description of the invention, including the structure and how it works. It also includes at least one claim -- the legal definition of the invention. The claims of the patent are usually not limited by details such as dimensions or even shapes and materials. This results in broad claim coverage and, therefore, a valuable patent. A utility patent provides you with the strongest patent protection available and is enforceable for up to 20 years from the filing date. Maintenance fees are required every 4 years for the first 12 years after the patent issues.

When your utility patent application has been filed, your product may be referred to as "patent pending." When the patent issues, you are advised to print the word "patented" on your packaging or stamped on your product itself. Organizations and people who are manufacturing the invention or product are encouraged to seek a utility patent in order to help prevent their competition from making and selling similar products. If you expect to license your invention, a utility patent is almost always required. This is because the licensee is generally not interested in paying you for rights to make and sell products if the competition is not prevented from entering the market with a similar product.

Provisional Patent Applications
(use PatentEase Provisional or PatentEase Deluxe)

PatentEase ProvisionalFiling the usually-simpler provisional patent application (PPA) preserves the inventor's right to file a regular, or "non-provisional" utility patent application (RPA) within one year of filing the PPA. The provisional patent application establishes its earlier filing date as the filing date for your RPA that may well follow. Thus, the PPA may prevent another party from asserting intervening rights if the party files a patent application between the provisional and non-provisional filing dates and that party has invented the same invention. You must follow your provisional patent application with a full non-provisional patent application within one year -- or the PPA will become worthless.

Although the Patent and Trademark Office will accept a minimal description of the invention and very rough hand sketches of the drawings, you are strongly advised to make your provisional patent application as complete as possible, providing all of the standard parts of a regular patent application and even including at least one claim -- the legal definition of the invention -- with your provisional patent application. When your PPA has been filed, you may refer to your product as "patent pending." The filing fee for a provisional patent application is less than that of a non-provisional patent application. (The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office does not make the PPA available for design patent applications.)

Design Patent Applications
(use PatentEase Design or PatentEase Deluxe)

PatentEase DesignA design patent covers the ornamental design (shape and surface materials) of an invention --- but not the functionality of the invention. To cover the functionality, you must obtain a utility patent. A design patent is enforceable for up to 14 years after it issues and no maintenance fees are required over the life of the patent. The filing and issue fees for a design patent application are less than those of a utility patent.

When the design patent application has been filed, you may refer to your product as "patent pending" and when the patent issues you are encouraged to print the word "patented" on the packaging for the product or on the product itself. Organizations and people who are most likely to seek design patent protection are those who are manufacturing the invention or product and who do not intend to change the design of the product in the foreseeable future. Remember, a design patent does not provide protection regarding the functionality of your invention, but merely the shape, ornamentation and materials of the specific product you manufacture.

Brief summary of the different versions of PatentEase

PatentEase Deluxe You can do it all -- file applications for both utility and design patents, as well as, file provisional patent applications (PPA's).

PatentEase Provisional lets you file provisional patent applications which can be more simply and quickly prepared than full regular patent applications (though, by itself, a PPA will not result in a patent). The PPA will establish an earlier (possibly more protective) filing date for your later full utility patent application if filed within a year of the PPA.

PatentEase Design allows you to apply for design patents (only) without spending money on patent software you don't need, that is, not for utility and provisional patent application software.

It is important to understand the differences regarding the different types of patent applications, and, therefore, the PatentEase versions.

How to upgrade to PatentEase Deluxe from PatentEase Provisional or PatentEase Design


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